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President and Representative Director Noriaki Takada

President and Representative Director
Noriaki Takada

To our stakeholders,

Let me first thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Ever since our founding in 1997, Auto Server Co., Ltd. has sought to invigorate Japan’s used car distribution market based on our corporate commitment to provide ultimate convenience for all members, and we have been operating our own comprehensive used car distribution service called ASNET.
Currently, ASNET offers our Auction Agency Service, which gives our members access to ASNET’s links with over 140 auction venues across Japan, and our AS One Price Service, which enables them to participate in Auto Server’s own electronic commerce platform for used automobile sales. Through these services, ASNET lists information on over 10 million vehicles annually, and has been serving over 75,000 members.

In view of the recent developments in our social environment, we believe we can offer significant value by supporting the secondary distribution of cars that constitute important assets for society in relation to our efforts to reduce environmental impact and help realize a circular society. Auto Server is keen to support the management and operation of all businesses involved with these key used cars assets by using the power of technology, and to help develop the used car industry.

Going forward, our aim is to improve customer satisfaction and continue to develop as a company that is trusted and relied upon by all companies and users. We will strive to grow our business and improve corporate value in a way that meets the expectations of our stakeholders, and work in tandem with all kinds of operators in the used car business.

September 26, 2023President and Representative Director
Noriaki Takada