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AS Used Parts

Great for when you are looking to repair a purchased vehicle, or repair a vehicle cheaply!

This service enables you to purchase recycled automobile parts through JARA (Japan Automotive Recyclers Alliance) Corporation and select environment-conscious recycled parts at low cost from a stock of 1.6 million items.

1.6 million items in stock! Order by noon for minimum same-day shipping

There is plenty of stock, so you can always find the parts you need. Pay later if you are in a hurry, and order by noon for minimum same-day shipping.
* Shipping may take longer depending on the item.

Reliable compatibility confirmation and exchange support!

A specialist section will check whether a particular part is compatible with your vehicle once you place an order. In rare circumstances, confirmed compatible products can be exchanged or returned.

Car Parts & Products

We also handle tire sales as well as other car accessories and promotional goods!

We not only facilitate vehicle sales, but also offer everything from car accessories to promotional items.
ASNET offers tires, GPS systems, and car oils from carefully selected vendors as well as many other products from display pouches for vehicle registration certificates and other requisite items to car deodorants for professional use. We will provide what you need for your onsite operations at members-only prices.

The most popular summer winter tires and wheelsets!

Buy tires and wheels at trade prices. We assemble wheelsets and tires and deliver them after matching.

Frequent limited-period and limited-quantity sales!

In addition to engine oils, batteries, GPS systems, and various tools, we also sell banners for sales promotions, display pouches for vehicle registration certificates, and oil-change stickers.