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Tentou-Shoudan NET

Over 100,000 units in stock at any given time! Negotiate based on the full range of in-store and shared inventory!

We can negotiate purchases from in-store and group inventory totaling over 100,000 vehicles at any one time. You get to choose the vehicle so you don’t miss out on a business opportunity. Naturally, you can also use the service even if the vehicle is not in stock.

Tentou-Shoudan NET: The retail price version of ASNET

Solve multiple problems with Tentou-Shoudan NET!
●I want to respond more actively to customers seeking advice on replacing their car…
●I want my sales staff to make used car sales proposals more readily…
●I want a system that can search in-store and shared inventory at the same time…

Filtering by various conditions

The system allows people to select and search for multiple body types and vehicle types, such as light vehicle or hybrid, all at once.
You can narrow down the search by adding other conditions, such as budget, to display vehicles that best meet particular user needs.

Display vehicles at retail prices

The displayed vehicle price for the retail market includes a pre-determined markup and taxes. You are free to decide the markup for each price range and choose whether to display the price or not.

Win vehicle bids through ASNET

Because you are affiliated with ASNET, you can instantly apply a bid once a negotiation is complete.

Easy Quote

Create easy quotes for both One Price and auction vehicles!

Anyone can easily create quotes for ASNET and Tentou-Shoudan NET vehicles. Our easy-to-understand, quick-to-create quote creation system, complete with images, means you will never have to keep customers waiting.

Create on-the-spot quotes when negotiating with customers

Create instant quotes for selected vehicles for a quick and convenient service.
You can also determine your profit and expenses in advance.

Create visually attractive quotes with photos

If you list on AS One Price, you can send a quote with a picture for vehicles at your store. You can also create a quote for unlisted vehicles using free estimates.

Mirukuru smartphone app

A new smartphone app for used car searches, communication, and attracting customers

You can help customers freely search for vehicles that can be sold in store by getting them download the app. You can also send in-app messages and provide information on sales and vehicle delivery.

A Tentou-Shoudan NET app exclusively for customer home use

Issue a dedicated customer ID onsite and encourage them to download the app. Customers can then carefully search for vehicles and contact the dealership directly by phone or chat. This enables your sales staff to gain a better understanding of a customer’s preferred vehicle browsing history. You can also use the message function to respond to inquiries and for purchase negotiations.

Deliver information on vehicle inspections and promotions via the app!

You can deliver all sorts of information, from vehicle inspections and regular inspections to special sales and events, to the customer app right from your onsite screen.

You can also manage negotiations and encourage dealership visits!

The app’s negotiation notes and prospects status enables you to instantly check any communication with the customer and grasp the stage of negotiation. The app enables you to negotiate smoothly with multiple customers by easily managing customer information.

Video presentation on retail support services: Tentou-Shoudan NET can help promote retail sales!

Instantly employ Tentou-Shoudan NET and Easy Quote in customer negotiations to develop the best customer response.

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