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Invigorating Japan’s used car distribution market

Message from President

Ever since our founding in 1997, AUTOSERVER CO.,LTD. has been developing its own web-based used car distribution service called ASNET that strives to connect huge numbers of customer members with a wide range of automobile auction houses in Japan and is supported by the backbone development and spread of internet environments around the globe. ASNET currently boasts over 75,000 members and has connections with over 140 auto auction houses across Japan. We also operate our own AS One Price used car sales market, which has helped us grow into Japan’s leading car distribution platform that handles 12 million pieces of vehicle transaction information each year.

Ultimate convenience for all members

People have been saying for a long time that Japan’s used car distribution market had peaked out. So what must a distribution platform offer to remains its member’s first choice well into the future? We believe it all comes down to creating an easier buying and selling environment than anywhere else, giving people peace of mind, and offering convenience. We have made it our mission to consistently maximize member satisfaction by always offering pioneering proposals and services from our members’ perspective. We will continue to boldly propel our development and pursue our quest to create a convenient and secure market.

Noriaki Takada

President and Representative Director