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Buy through AS One Price

AS One Price

Buy at auction

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Buy through AS One Price

AS One Price

Purchase the shared inventory of ASNET members at trade prices

You can bid on vehicles listed by ASNET members and affiliated companies across Japan at trade prices.
Select from a rich display of over 170,000 vehicle listings to always find the cars that you want.

This one-price transaction allows you to successfully purchase a listed vehicle at the displayed trade price.
Facilitates smooth negotiations with customers.

You can select by car name, grade, and installed equipment or accessories.
You can also compare with multiple models at once.

Leading number of vehicles in Japan with over 170,000 listings.
Select your preferred vehicle from a rich variety of models.

Up to 50 pictures of each vehicle.
You can check equipment details on the listing information and images.

Our specialized call center consultants handle each application individually.
We also negotiate with listers to reduce prices.

Specialized staff also handle any complaints relating to purchased vehicles.
Complaints are submitted after a vehicle is delivered to ensure people feel relief using the service.

Buy at auction

AS Real Time Bid

You can bid in real time from your home or office computer

Just open the dedicated app from ASNET to see a display of the auction status.
The system allows you to place a bid with a click of your mouse, greatly upping your chances of winning.

It’s free to download, use, and bid on the dedicated app!
* A bidding fee and Real Time Bid usage fee is charged on successful bids.

At-Auction Bidding

Connect with auction houses across Japan and take part with your desired sum

Connect with 145 auction houses and cover 96%* of used car transaction information in Japan. List of Affiliated Auction Houses
*2023 Guide to Automobile Auction Halls(Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun Inc.)

All you have to do is decide the price you want to pay in advance and participate in the bidding.
You do not need to check the status of the auction.
You can check the results on ASNET or via our email service.

If you are using our Preliminary Vehicle Inspection Service, local staff will check any parts of a listed vehicle that you are concerned about. Checking any concerns beforehand enables you to participate in the bidding with greater confidence.

We also offer a service where local staff will check a vehicle after a successful bid is placed, so people can use it for auctions in distant locations without worrying about the complaint deadline.

POS Bidding Service

Our staff can bid on your behalf

Our staff will participate in an auction within a member’s specified budget.
This service can prove very convenient if you want to ask someone to bid on your behalf while you are out, or if you want to successfully bid on only one car from among multiple candidates.

Negotiation Service

Successful bid on an auction vehicle through negotiation

You can make a successful bid on a “no sale” vehicle at business negotiations held on the day of the auction.
This service gives you a second chance on a car you might have missed out on buying.

AA One Price

Successful bid on a vehicle for auction at the trade price

This service enables you to bid on a vehicle that did not sell at auction or a vehicle listed for the next auction at the trade price (One Price).
Select from 20,000 vehicles to make your successful bid.

Search and successful bid anytime, including weekends and holidays.

This service allows you to make an immediate successful bid at the trade price, without waiting to negotiate with users.

Motorcycle Bidding

Our links with four motorcycle auction houses make for successful bidding

You can participate in motorcycle auctions every Tuesday and Friday.
We hold free bidding campaigns all the time so you can always find your favorite bike!

Video presentation on purchasing: ASNET, a complete used car buying solution!

Use the vast array of AA One Price and affiliate AAs’ vehicle information to purchase a car. It’s very simple!