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Direct Search

Easily search for your perfect car using various filter conditions!

With ASNET, you can easily and smoothly find the right car by selecting various conditions beforehand through our Direct Search service.

Ideal search screen for finding specific vehicles

It is easy to search for vehicles that fulfill specific conditions by entering filter criteria in advance.

Market Price Information

Search past successful auction bids, complete with vehicle photos and listing information!

This service allows you to search winning auction bids over the past six months by house and vehicle type. You can also check out the photo of the actual vehicle and its listing information.

Search information for the past six months by house and vehicle type

You can check market prices by house and vehicle from our wealth of market price information.

View information on successful past bids with photos and listing information

You can check the winning bid as it appeared on the screen at the time of the auction.

Automatic Land Transport Arrangement

Reserve Land Transport onscreen and pay Transportation fee together with vehicle price!

This service enables you to arrange vehicle Land Transport from the ASNET screen with Land Transport companies affiliated with Auto Server. The Transportation charges will be invoiced together with the vehicle price to facilitate easy settlement.

Reserve Land Transportation from the ASNET screen

You can also make Land Transportation arrangements when submitting a bid application.

Settle Land Transportation and vehicle price at once

The Land Transport costs under the Automatic Land Transport Arrangement service will be invoiced together with the vehicle price, making it convenient to settle both costs with one bank transfer.

E-mail Service

Deliver useful information on bids, auction results, and campaigns

This service communicates the winning bid for any vehicles the user bid on, auction results for listed vehicles, as well as commission discounts and other useful promotional information.

It is free to sign up for E-mail Service

There is no charge to register for E-mail Service.

Timely delivery of convenient and useful texts

You will receive information on bids and listed vehicle auction results as well as useful material on promotional commission discounts and other benefits.

English Mode

ASNET comes with a standard English mode!

ASNET has a standard English mode that translates key words and vehicle information into English.

Use the one-touch switch between Japanese and English mode

You can switch to English mode at the push of a button and we have foreign nationals on our staff who are ready to help you.

ASNET’s English mode is free of charge

We do not charge for switching between English and Japanese mode so all members can switch for free.

Auto Loans (partner service)

Our various auto loans offer convenience in different sales scenarios!

We offer two types of auto loans to suit the circumstances of different retail dealers. The first is an auto loan that doesn’t require participating in merchant screening and registration. The second is a full-fledged auto loan that earns a commission fee for the dealer.

Type 1: Immediate auto loan without merchant screening and registration

No participation in merchant screening or registration required.
This can be used immediately for current customers and future customers who are experiencing problems with their auto loan.

Type 2: Register as a participating merchant and sell to customers

The dealership has to register as a participating merchant, but it can then charge a commission fee for selling the auto loan.
This service helps firmly manage the process from customer order through payment.

Used Car Warranties (partner service)

Subscribe to protect against any breakdowns after retail sale!

This is a warranty service against any after-sale breakdowns that retail dealers can offer customers to increase peace of mind when purchasing a used car.

A sense of security in times of emergency

This service enables customers to have repairs done free of charge within the scope of the warranty. The service is designed to help dispel customer concerns over any potential future repair costs associated with sudden breakdowns after purchasing a used car.

Select your own warranty plan

Choose different warranty plans and content to suit a customer’s needs and budget.