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Japan’s largest used car distribution platform


Our used car distribution platform ASNET is a web-based used car distribution service that allows used car dealers and automobile-related businesses to use with no admission or monthly membership fees. We offer a wide range of simple and convenient web-based services that enable members to leverage our nationwide network and industry-leading database of vehicle information. Joining ASNET not only opens up more opportunities for members to generate sales and profits, but also decreases business costs, and effectively reduces risks.

ASNET merit

  • Members can easily and quickly find their desired vehicle, from anywhere in Japan.
  • Anyone can participate in auto auctions across Japan regardless of the size of their business.
  • Members can secure an early means of purchasing vehicles and start selling used cars even if they don’t have stock of their own.
  • No admission fees, monthly membership fees, or running costs. ASNET also helps reduce inventory costs and risk.

The definitive used car distribution service

Auction agency services We offer agency services based on our data links with over 140 automobile auction houses across Japan. The services include bidding, POS-push bids, price negotiations, and other related services. Auto Server boasts an extremely high 96% coverage of all used car transaction information in Japan, becoming Japan’s largest used car distribution platform.
Brokering trade sales of in-store inventory Boosting inventory turnover is just as important to used car dealerships as vehicle purchasing. Auto Server collects inventory information from ASNET members, affiliated companies, and group companies, and acts as an intermediary to help revitalize inter-dealer used car transactions.
Retail support services To encourage members to use ASNET, Auto Server is developing ways to support retail business by devising and providing various web-based services, computer software, smartphone apps, and other tools. We are developing data links with affiliated companies to help improve existing functions and provide new functions for the business packages and other offerings used by member companies.
Other services We have tied up with multiple parts suppliers and leading distributors of recycled parts to offer an e-commerce service for our members.

Overwhelmingly large volume of information on used car transactions

We affiliated 140 auction houses and cover as much as 96% of the information on used car transactions distributed in Japan. In addition, we also provide over 170,000 AS One Price vehicle listings at any given time. We are striving to build the largest used car distribution platform in Japan. We want to achieve a situation where there will never be a car that you can’t buy on ASNET, and that there will be many cars that you can only buy on ASNET.

The largest membership network in the used car distribution industry

Our cohort of over 75,000 members stem from a wide range of industries including automobile sales, auto maintenance, auto parts suppliers, and gus stations. While it can be difficult to encourage quality used cars onto the market right now, we are able to gather listings from a wide range of channels and inspire active member transactions.